Kaiser Super Scrap

Well, it’s been a busy weekend but I did get a chance to finish off 2 of the projects I started at the Kaiser Super Scrap. I really love the quote book and am thinking these could be very handy as handmade x-mas pressies. For the layout of Chris I used a similar design to the Goggle Girl layout I did of Caitlin. Love this. AND the Shaken not Stirred range is really cool for boy layouts. I’ve also done a heap of organising of my layouts. I bought a couple of D ring albums and have now sorted all layouts into 2 categories (so far). 1. Caitlin – divided into years and 2. Family – divided into years. I figured this way I could record the important events for our family each year, rather than doing say an album of holidays, birthdays, x-mas/Easter, etc etc. I love that I will be able to pull out one album and view all of the events that occurred in that year. It may get to a point though where I need more than one album per year, but this system does allow for that. I feel really good about getting this organising done and it has shown me which years I need to focus on recording and what’s been missed.

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