February already

WOW – what a beginning to the year we’ve all had, I can’t believe we are now in Feb ALREADY! OK, so they are a month late.. I know, I know!! but here are my scrap goals for this year…

1. Has to be…Use up my scraps. So… I’ve done some reorganising and I’ve sorted all cut 12×12 pieces of paper by colour and whacked them in a couple of folders. I go to these FIRST before my 12×12 stack.

2. Is to make more cards. I was a card maker before I scrapped so it’s about time a made a couple 🙂 AND… it will help me to use up my scraps!!

3. Submit MORE. I keep track of all submissions and (drum roll please) last year I ran at a success rate of 5% which I must say I’m pretty happy with BUT, and it’s a bit BUT, this year I’m gonna get into double figures.

4. The Organised Scrap space. There is nothing like a new year to give you a new lease on getting organised. So this year is the year for organising and re-organising things in my scrap room to get a space that I’m happy with. With Caitlin getting older too now, I’d love to move things around so she can have a little scrap/craft area near me so we can scrap together.

5. and lucky last, but not least… try something new! New techniques, new colour schemes and more. I do tend to sit comfortably in my style; so it’s time to mix things up a bit!

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