Easter Sunday

Hi Everyone, Don’t we all just LOVE a long weekend!! Easter is such a special time for me and my family and I hope you all have had a heap of time in your scrap space. I’ve done a couple of layouts and also found some time to organise some of my stash. First up were my ribbons, I have a few and they were all just shoved in a box which made it super hard to find the right one or see what I actually had! Well, now they are all colour co-ordinated and look great. For the smaller width ribbons I’ve just put into a cheap craft box from Crazies and for the rest, I’ve again sorted into colour and put into some 12×12 clip bags and then put them back into the IKEA box. I’ve found this way is great for storing wide ribbon and any that you have more than 1 or 2 metres of.

For now, I’ve kept the ribbons on spools as they are (in the bottom of the box) as I’m hoping to find some way to put them on a rail that does not need to be screwed to the wall (if anyone has any suggestions or web links, I’d love to hear them!!!)

Next up are the layouts, first one I’ve gone back to my fav colour combo; pink black and white (it is sooo me) and I always find scrapping in these colours so comfortable and easy.

and last but not least, I was having a play with some stencils and came up with this one. I can’t help myself, I love pretty things!

I have a couple more which are “in progress” and I have all next week off too (lucky me) so will definately make the time to finish them off!

thanks for visiting my lil space of the www and your always encouraging comments!

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