On my door step…

Wow, what a busy time I’ve had since the craft show…. it was sooo much fun.

I had to make time to post this one…. look what showed up on my door step!!!

My mum had this stash of ribbon and lace and beautiful lace fabric just hanging around the house; She is a quilter and lucky for me, she can’t use any of this stuff, which was actually given to her…. can you believe that; how lucky am I! There were hundreds in here and all really pretty, sooo happy…. THANKS MUM!! It’s now official, I have more ribbon than anything else in my stash and wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

Well, after 2 hours of sorting and pressing and wrapping I have done NO scrapping… BUT I now have this!!

Cool hey! They are just some Mens shoe boxes… I picked up 10 for $15 at Bunnings. They open from the top with a flip top lid, are see through and light weight… perfect.
I’ve also been playing a heap with my new big shot… it’s really cool too, would definitely recommend one, it’s perfect for what I wanted it to do. As you can see by the “after” shot above, I still do have my Making Memories slice which is good for paper but I plan to use my Big Shot more for fabric and chipboard.

Here is just a couple of bits I’ve done…. more to come I’m sure 🙂

Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready for another busy week ahead….

6 thoughts on “On my door step…

  1. Hi Gwen! wow! how lucky! my mum used to sew so i must have a look in her stash and see what she doesn't want anymore.. my sister makes dolls but also scraps so she keeps her lace!! haha. i am sure you will find a place on your layouts for it all!! i am glad you are having fun with your big shot.. i will look forward to seeing what you get up to with it..i may just have to find a hidey place in my scrap room for one..but then you must get the dies!!! oh well.. it keeps me out of trouble!! have a great week!!xx

  2. Mum's are just the best…treasure them.
    So love your flowers too Gwen…they look gorgeous!!
    Have to make sure we DO catch up next year at EXPO.

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