A little of this and that AND a RAK…

Hi Everyone,

Seems my post about Mum’s ribbon inspired a lot of chat and emails regarding my scrap space and organisation ideas; you are all keen to see how I keep things sorted. So I thought I’d post a pic of just one small part of my scrap space. It is actually our formal dining room, however we stopped having formal dinner parties in it long ago and I have slowly taken it over. We still have all the furniture so I’ve had to work around it. I scrap on the dining table which is in the centre of the room and I bought this Expedit from IKEA and it sort of acts as a room divider (the other end of the room is our formal sitting room which is now Caitlin’s play area.) Everything is sorted by colour as I find I work best that way. The lil jars have all my small bits and pieces in them and the larger ones are all flowers. Colours are Pink, Browns, Yellows, Blue/Green, Red, Black/White/Metal and Purple. The draws are punches and other bits which I’ll show you some other time… I’m thinking it could take a while to show you everything so I’ll do it bit by bit. That way the whole room doesn’t need to be perfect either, which it RARELY is!!

Now, onto the RAK. I’m a big fan of paying things forward and as I have been blessed with the stack of ribbon Mum gave me, I’m RAKing some of it (is that the term???) onto one of you…

All you have to do is be a “follower” AND post me a comment on what you love about my Blog and that’s it! I will then draw a winner out of a hat 🙂 There is around a metre of each of these ribbons and I’ll post them anywhere.

Oh, and last but not least, Check out what I’ve been doing over on the Craft Queen Blog here.

Thanks for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “A little of this and that AND a RAK…

  1. Hi Gwen… i have been a follower for a while now.. and i just love to see what you have been up as your layouts are about everyday things and the special people in your life and i just love that!! xx lizzy

  2. and i have just become a follower of the craft queen blog as i spent a bit of money at the convention on their ribbons!!!

  3. Wow! Gwen how organized are you….so neat too.
    It looks mighty fabulous…and did I mention neat…?
    My space starts out very neat…but then it all unravels…esp if the kids start creating as well.
    Have a great w/end…KIM

  4. WOW Gwen!!
    What a great lil treat there you have from your mum!! i have just found you threw another blogger buddie and i have been going threw all of your blog and wow i think your creations are great!! and im glad that im not the only clean freak out there my room my house is alway at perfection (and i dont even get visitors lol) everything always in place. which means with 3 boys DS 1 DS 2 & DH im always on the moove LOL!!!!! anyhow i am now a follower!! it would be nice to see you over at my blog soon!!!
    Take Care

  5. Hi Gwen! You have a wonderful ribbon stash…yes, your mother certainly blessed you!
    Now as far as your lovely giveaway…I am already a follower…why? Because I love your sweet blog…your pages are always beautiful with a sweetness about them…you have a wonderful gift my friend! 🙂

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