What an Adventure! and my RAK WINNER!!

Hi Everyone,

Well, what a week I have had. As you know last week in my post I mentioned that I had been unwell, I had caught Caitlin’s flu. I was on the mend from that but just didn’t feel quite right. Then on Monday night I started suffering from serious stomach pain, just out of the blue. Well, turns out my appendix was gangrenous and so I needed emergency surgery to take it out which happened on Tuesday afternoon. I spent Tuesday night in hospital and came home on Wednesday afternoon. Lots of bed rest and I’m now feeling much much better! It has been quite dramatic let me tell you!

Chris has been amazing doing all my jobs as well as his and Caitlin too has been the perfect little miss helping her daddy however she can. More bed rest for me and no driving until at least Friday next week!!! But, I think I’ll go crazy before then! I’m hoping I can get back to work really soon but will just have to wait and see how I go.

I have had a chance to draw my RAK winner though AND it is Sandi!!! Please email me your address Sandi and I’ll post off your prize 🙂 gwruck@iprimus.com.au Congrats!

That’s it for now, yes Mum I am resting, promise!

6 thoughts on “What an Adventure! and my RAK WINNER!!

  1. Wow! Gwen..just goes to show you never know what's gunna happen, from week-to-week!
    Glad your feeling a better now don't rush yourself…enjoy and relax a little…healthy cyber vibes sent your way~~~~take care

  2. Wow! Gwen, this certainly has been a rough week for you! Thank God you are o.k. and that you have such wonderful helpers!

  3. keep resting my love. just give me a call is chris is snowed under with work. I'm on the afternoon shift 12 to 5. love, mum

  4. Poor girl!! Glad to hear you are feeling better though and your family is looking after you. xoxo

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