Bird is the word "Wish"

It’s Monday again and I can now show you the latest creation for Bird is the word.

This fortnights word is “Wish”… I had a heap of ideas for this one but ended up with this…

I just could not get a straight photo out of this child on this day!!! So, sometimes you have to use what you’ve got!!

So jump on over to Bird is the Word and give it a go, winner receives a blog badge and Tidbitz in time kit and all you have to do is use one tiny lil word ๐Ÿ™‚

thanks for popping by and those lovely comments, they do brighten my day!

5 thoughts on “Bird is the word "Wish"

  1. Hi Gwen! oh dear.. i know what you mean. in this age of digital it is good to just keep snapping away, but when you look at the photos later and find there really isn't any seriously great photos it is a bit maddening! i love all the flowers.. and just quietly, the photos made me smile!!

  2. this is adorable!! love all the little elements you added and that the photos are black and white!

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