National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi there everyone,

Did you know that October is National Breast Cancer awareness Month?  It’s a month that I have always supported but this year it has meant a lot more … Some of you will know that my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of this year – she had her surgery a few weeks ago and will begin radiation therapy this week.   For me, breast cancer was something that happened to “other people” and I have (in a very real way) recently discovered just how many women are affected by this disease.  I feel so blessed that my mum’s cancer was picked up at an early stage and am hopeful that this will mean she can call herself a cancer survivor!!  I urge you all to go and see your doctor and ask about Breast Cancer and get your checks done, they could save your life!

So, with that being said, I am so glad to be joining with Craft Queen to help spread the word about Breast Cancer by hosting this giveaway.

Craft Queen have very generously donated this wonderful pack of  ribbon which you can win!

All divine aren’t they!?

I have also got into the spirit of it all and created these 2 “pink” cards which you will also receive.  Full of Craft Queen ribbon, Prima and Manor House flowers.

All you need to do is comment on this post or the Craft Queen blog  to be in the draw to win.  If you comment on both blogs, you will get 2 entries!
If you could please also help me to spread the word to raise Breast Cancer awareness by sharing this giveaway with a friend that would be wonderful too!
thanks and good luck!

13 thoughts on “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Thanks for supporting such an important cause. These ribbons are awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Thanks for your your lovely giveaway and timely reminder about breast cancer awareness. All the best for your mum and may she call herself a 'survivor' soon.

  3. HI Gwen and I am trusting all will be well with your Mum too… These cards are so very beautiful…what a lovely thing for Craft Queen to get involved with this worthy cause… I have an exam every year after a bit of a scare.. so I know full well about keeping an eye on oneself!!

  4. I am glad your mum's cancer was diagnosed early. I have said a prayer for her.

    Beautiful ribbons. Thank you for supporting breast cancer. My daughter had 2 operations for breast cancer, 20 weeks chemotherapy and then 6 weeks every day radiotherapy. She is now on 5 years of tablet medication. Her husband died suddenly last year in the middle of her chemotherapy treatment. She is a survivor and is fighting.

  5. Both cards are gorgeous, love all the detail and shabby look. They are a great inspiration : )
    Thanks for the chance to win them plus the lovely ribbon pack : )

  6. Beautiful, beautiful Cards, and lovely ribbons from Craftqueen. I am so happy to hear your Mum is going well
    Mary x

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