Manor House Update…

Hello my blogger friends…

Well, what a busy time I have been having lately!  So much “everyday” life stuff going on…

Here today to share my Manor House work, and there is lots to share too!!

First up a quick shot I took on a lazy Saturday morning.
Just love the new goose feathers, they add such a nice touch.

A very special day with Caitlin and my Mum at the ballet… very lady like!!
Lots of lovely flower layers.

Such a sweetie isn’t she… love this one that Chris took at the Mt Mee farm.  I went a little ‘artsy’ with the background too!

and last but not least….

I’ve been doing a lot more photos on my phone of late and messing with filters and such and this is one of the first I’ve printed out… super happy with this one.

Thanks for popping by today my lovelies and as always thanks for sharing the love!

4 thoughts on “Manor House Update…

  1. Nice to see you here, Gwen…missed you…hope your Mum is going OK….lovely, lovely showcase of the flowers & your DD is growing up FAST!!!!

  2. These are gorgeous Gwen. It must be such fun scrapping with those stunning MH flowers!! Take care!!

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