Hello Scrapbooking Memories….

Well hello there creative friends,

How have you all been?  Today I’m here to share my Scrapbooking Memories Masters entry… but first, I have a little secret to share.

My secret – I wasn’t going to enter this year.. in fact, for the last 3 years I’ve thought about entering but then didn’t.  This year was going to be the same, I had thought about entering and then in my self doubt I decided it would be best I didn’t enter.  Sure, I would never know if I could win, but then I wouldn’t embarrass myself either.  Then… 3 days out from the deadline, I saw a Facebook message from a scrappy acquaintance reminding me that the deadline was 3 days and that there was “still time” to get entries in…. so, I thought, what would I say to Miss 8 about this?? I would say, “You don’t know unless you try” right!  So, 3 days out of the deadline, I started creating, some nights up until midnight to try and get the layouts done in-between my day job, being a mum and wife.  I posted my entry express post JUST in time for the deadline.  I created these 4 layouts from scratch, with photos I had on hand (not printed specially) all in 3 days – that in itself was a miracle!!

Well, I am so glad I did – even though I didn’t win!!!  I am super blessed to have been given 2 honourable mentions and I’ve been invited to be on the Creative Team for 2015 (how cool is that!!)

A huge thank you to my very supportive scrappy husband who had to fend for himself for those 3 days AND put up with me being a little cranky from staying up until the wee hours 🙂 xox

Life lesson – Listen to your own advise, chances are you’re right!

Task Two (Honourable Mention):

Task Four (Honourable mention):

Task Three:  
Task One:

thanks for popping by today lovelies,

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  1. Oh good on you Gwen I always chicken out and have never entered the masters.. maybe one day is what I say!! These all look wonderful. and I know they would be even better in real life.. and way to go to be on the creative team too!! Enjoy!

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