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Here today to share my latest Cocoa Vanilla Studios project and it’s another using the latest collection “Boys Rule”.  I thought for this project I’d scrap a page about our family cat doing the one thing he does best, sleep.

The inspiration for this page definitely started with the photo.  Like most cats, ours is an avid sleeper and I had this shot of him sprawled out enjoying some sun.  I found the text “Eat, Sleep, Be Rad, Repeat” on the “Boys Stuff” pattern paper and thought I’d use that to make up my title.  The “Be Rad” text didn’t suit 100% so I’ve placed a chipboard arrow from the Chipboard pieces pack over that text to make my title “Eat, Sleep, Repeat, Adventure”.  Because that really is HIS life… just eat, sleep, adventure repeat. The word “Adventure” has been fussy cut out of the “Entitled” pattern paper.  I’ve placed these all on the “Messed Up” pattern paper, I just love that mixed media messy look, with no work and no mess!

With the title being such a large element it really did dictate the design.  I’ve kept it simple and run everything from top to bottom of the page along the centre line.  I’ve mounted my photo using the dark blue from the “Happy Go Lucky” pattern paper and sewn around the edge for added detail.  This blue is a perfect match to the blue in my title.

Next, I wanted to pick up some of the warmth in the photo and the yellow of the text “Eat”.  I have done this with the timber look die cut frame from the Die Cut Ephemera pack.  To balance out the colours I found the text from the “Boys Stuff” pattern paper “#SRSLY” which was also in this colour and made sure to add that towards the bottom of the page.  If you follow me on Facebook, you will know I’m a huge fan of the HASHTAG and love using them on my layouts too!

At this point, I could see that I didn’t have enough to fill my page top to bottom so I went about finding some more elements to add.  I love this piece with the blue stars on it from the “Boys Stuff” pattern paper and added that into my stack of embellishments.  It was great to have the added pop of the darker blue and grey and it wasn’t too heavy to add directly underneath my title.  I also decided on the grey element of arches to add as it was fun and interesting and finished off the bottom stack nicely.

The bones of the page were certainly locked in now, it was time to add some smaller embellishments.  I’ve gone with stars to match the stars under my title with a selection of the chipboard pieces, Accessory Stickers and Die Cut Ephemera pack.  I’ve also added a couple of the Clear Sticker stars on top of these for added detail.  I just love these clear stickers, they are the perfect finishing touch.  I also added another arrow to fit with the one I had placed over the “Be Rad” text.

To finish off the page I’ve added one little paper sticker at the very bottom and another 2 die cut pieces at the very top of the page.  I also took this time to add some more stitching around the edge as well as between and across some of the central elements.

I just love how this page came together, and it is so great to get a page of our beloved family cat scrapped.  This really is a fun collection to do that with!

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