Hey Creative friends, here today with some more scrapbook inspiration using the new ‘Legendary’ collection by Cocoa Vanilla Studio. I’ve scrapped another pic of my husband for this layout; this one was taken at one of our favourite local restaurants. For this one, I really just wanted to make a page that documents our relationship, I’m so lucky to have him!

The idea for this page actually started with my photo! I know right, that rarely happens for me! I’ve been wanting to scrap this one for a long time as it really captures my husband’s personality. I just love the colour tones in it and I knew it would be perfect for the ‘Legendary’ collection. I pulled out all of the blue and grey tones and found a stack of options, all that would go perfectly.

To start my page, I’ve created a base with some white cardstock from my stash and the ‘Brave Heart’ pattern paper. I’ve used it to create a border around my page as well as a photo mat for my picture. I’ve then gone about finding a cut file that would fit in with my ‘love’ theme. This one is called ‘TN Geo Heart‘, from CUT to YOU. They are actually for Travelers Notebooks, but as you can see, they work really well on layouts too!

I’ve backed the hearts with the dark blue and light blue blocks of the ‘Total Legend’ paper and the grey heart is the ‘All-Star’ pattern paper. Working with the darkest blue for the top heart and then the light grey for the bottom hearts.

At this point, I haven’t stuck anything down or decided on a page design. I knew I wanted to make a longer title element so I needed to sort that first. Going through the ‘Die Cut Title’ elements, I’ve decided on the title “Love this Dude So”… yep, it’s long, so I will need to be clever about how I position it on the page.

For the design of the layout, I decided on keeping everything vertical mainly because my title needed to be stacked in some way and I had the vertical style cut files. It is far easier to work with the elements you have than to try and work around them. Go with the flow I say! I simply played with the layout of the cut file, photo and title elements until I was happy focusing on things running top to bottom on the page.

With my four main elements locked in, it was now just a matter of adding in the embellishment details. For these, I like to work largest to smallest as I audition things. If you leave larger elements too late in the design process they just won’t fit, so it’s a great idea to work with them early on. The large circle piece that says ‘Authentic’ and the ticket element are both from the ‘Die Cut Ephemera’ pack.

I found this very sweet sentiment “to the moon and back” on the ‘Accessory Sticker Sheet’ which was perfect for my photo as well as the banner that says “You’re pretty Rad”. I like to add foam behind the stickers for added dimension on my page. I’ve also pulled the tab that says ‘Noteworthy’ even though it is orange. To make this work, I’ve added in some orange and blue stars from the ‘Die Cut Ephemera’ pack, I really like the small pop of orange, I think it gives the layout a bit more depth.

The page was now almost complete. I’ve added a flair from the ‘Flair Buttons’ pack and some Typed Sentiments from the ‘Accessory Sticker Sheet’. I’ve added some enamel dots in the centre of each of the star die cuts to finish off the page.

Thanks for popping by today to see my latest project. Do you have your hands on this collection yet? As always, be sure to pop into the Cocoa Vanilla Studio and CUT to YOU Facebook groups to share your pages, I love seeing what you make.

Until next time,


Hey Creatives! I’m back on the CUT to YOU blog today with a new share. For today’s page, I’m working with one of the exclusive cut files from the KIT to YOU scrapbook kits. I wanted to show you a fresh idea with the kit still following along with the design and step x step instructions but also mixing things up a bit to create a fresh new looking page. These really are kits you can use over and over; they are made to help inspire you to use up that stash!

I’ve started the page by backing the cut file, this one is called ‘Mason Jar Bouquet‘. For this, I’ve used the Simple Stories ‘Hey Crafty Girl’ collection. I love the fresh colours in this line and I really liked the ombre stripe paper and thought it was perfect for the Jar part of the cut file. For the floral parts of the file I’ve used a selection of their spotty patterns, and some bright green for the leaves.

Below you can see the details in the cut file design. I made sure to choose a pattern paper that was bright and quite a saturated tone as I didn’t want to lose any of these pretty details. I’ve simply glued the file to the pattern paper and then fussy cut around the edge.

Next, I have mounted my photo in the same pretty orange/pink tone and stitched around the edge. I’ve positioned the cut file and my photo onto my background so it is now time to add in the embellishments.

This collection is for documenting all things crafty and I’ve really run with that. Keeping with the original design of the page from the kit, I’ve created a cluster near the bottom right-hand corner of my photo. To do this, I’ve really just auditioned various elements until I was happy with how it all looked. I decided to add in my title here, it worked really well layered across my photo.

I’ve also added details around the neck of the jar (similar to the kit) and some above my photo. You might notice that the placement of the title is different, I’ve just switched a few elements to suit. It really does give a totally different look to your page with very little changes from the kit instructions.

This page came together super fast with the help of a plan from the kit. As I mentioned, all I really changed up was the colours of the pattern papers and the embellishment types to suit the theme of my page. I’ve switched out a few of the elements and created a fresh new design. You really do not need to re-invent the wheel every time you create a page.

I hope this inspires you to get working with the KIT to YOU kits, and your cut files… they really are so fun to work with.

Until next time,


Hey Creative friends, here today with some more scrapbook inspiration using the new ‘Legendary’ collection by Cocoa Vanilla Studio. This photo is of my husband, taken on a recent family vacation… for those who don’t know, he is a photographer, so it’s rare that he is in front of the camera! I do try and pry it out of his hands and take some shots, so it was so good to get these fun photos scrapped.

For this page, I knew I wanted to use two photos and that they would take up quite a lot of space on my page, so the design had to be kept quite simple. I decided to go with a vertical design for the photos, and add interest to the background with a grid design. To do this, I’ve used a cut file, this one from CUT to YOU and cut it from the pattern paper ‘Brave Heart’. I’ve then arranged it on a white cardstock base. I’ve also mounted this onto the same pattern paper, to create a border for my page.

*TIP – If you aren’t a fan of backing cut files but love their look, use pattern paper to cut them out and then simply add to your page, no backing required!

I’ve then worked on the photo mats for my photos. I’ve gone with a double mount, first up using the ‘All Star’ pattern paper, and then using the ‘One Way’ paper. I am loving the pop of orange here with the blue and grey tones of the other elements. As usual, I’ve added stitching around my photos and then around the edge of the layout for detail.

Next, I’ve worked on my title. For this, I’ve used the ‘Die Cut Title pack’ and gone with the title “My Hero”, I’ve pulled out the ‘Super Star’ banner piece from the ‘Die Cut Ephemera’ pack to use as part of my title as well. I’ve also pulled out all of the elements that I could find that were either blue or orange; I’m keeping the colour palette very simple with this one.

I love this large prize ribbon element and find something round like this softens the look of the page. I’ve teamed it with a flair from the ‘Flair Buttons’ pack to create a cluster and round out the title element.

I’ve also included here some of the typed sentiments from the ‘Accessory Stickers Sheet’, added to the page with foam tape for dimension.

With my main cluster complete, I’ve added a second cluster to balance the page out. The ‘Die Cut Ephemera’ has lots of tags and tickets included and they are really fab way to build clusters and interest on your page. I’ve firstly chosen elements due to their colour, and then how they fit together to help me tell the story of the photo. The star elements here balance out and coordinate with the star image on the flair button and also balance out the pops of orange on the page.

I’ve also added some of the ‘Enamel Dots’ to my embellishment clusters to help draw the eye around the page and it finishes everything off nicely.

Thanks for popping by today to see my latest project. Do you have your hands on this collection yet? As always, be sure to pop into the Cocoa Vanilla Studio and CUT to YOU Facebook groups to share your pages, I love seeing what you make.

Until next time,


Hi Creative Friends,

I’m back on the CUT to YOU blog today with a new share and I’m still on my Summer kick! I did mention in my previous post that I’ve been going through some older pictures which has been really fun. I found this sweet little one of Miss C from a few years back now taken at our local park and teamed it with a title cut file and some bright pattern paper.

For this page, it really was all about the photo and keeping things simple. I had previously fussy cut out some of these floral elements for a previous page and thought, why not team them with one of the title cut files – this one is ‘Summer Days‘ for a quick and easy layout.

I began by backing the cut file in a pretty pattern paper. This one is from the Simple Stories ‘Hello Summer‘ collection. I’ve also used this paper to mat my photo and for the outside edge of my layout. I then positioned my title piece at the centre bottom of the page.

I’ve then gone about working on the design of the layout. I knew I wanted to use the pretty Sun and cloud stickers from the collection and with my portrait photo, thought it would be best to create a page that had a vertical design that runs down the centre of the layout. I worked on placing the largest elements first, like the chipboard banner piece, the Sun and Cloud stickers and the large floral clusters.

In my usual style, I just kept mixing and matching elements until I was happy with their placement. Once the larger elements were locked in, I progressed to the smaller ones and little details like the sentiment stickers and smaller floral elements.

I love how fast this one came together and how the title is simple, yet perfect for the page. The title cut files really are a good option over Thickers or other alphabets, and they never run out!

I hope this has inspired you in some way, and as always if it has, be sure to share it with me on social.

Until next time,


Hey Creative friends, I’m back on the blog today and I’m super excited to be sharing for Cocoa Vanilla Studio my first scrapbook page using their new collection ‘Legendary’! Whilst you’ll all know I’m not normally a ‘boy’ scrapper, I love these opportunities to create pages featuring my husband. Cocoa Vanilla Studios really is the only masculine products I’ll use; I just love how Zoe puts her boy collections together. This one is going to be great for all things ‘boy’ and ‘adventure’ so if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out!

So, the idea for the layout started with my photo. This one was taken a few years back on a family cruising holiday. As it was my first page with the collection, I was keen to dive into all the patterns and papers, but not really sure where to start… you know, that ‘first cut’ anxiety? I suffer from that A LOT! To combat that, I’ve started with the ‘Total Legend’ paper. It’s a fab sheet of patterns that can easily be cut apart. I’ve used these to back a cut file, this one called ‘Stepped Cubes’ from CUT to YOU.

Working around the cut file, I’ve just backed each of the squares with a different pattern paper, making sure to put contrasting designs side by side. I’ve then placed this onto the ‘Epic Tales’ pattern paper for my background. I usually use a white background, but I just love how this paper is subtle enough to use but has those fun arrows for interest.

I’ve also mounted my background onto the ‘Explorer’ pattern paper. I like that bold deep blue to frame my layout. I made sure to keep the inner section of this one, and plan to fussy cut out the design and use on another page. Next, I’ve added a photo mat using the ‘All Star’ pattern paper and then some stitching for added detail.

I’ve positioned my photo and mat onto the page adding in some foam for dimension. Now the design for the layout was locked in, I can get to adding my embellishments and finishing touches.

I’ve started with the ‘Die Cut Ephemera’ pack, there are over 50 pieces in this one, all really great to add to your layouts. I’ve used fun flags, sentiment banners and stars. I also love the compass element, which is a nod to the fact that my photo was on a cruise ship. I’ve also pulled out the flair that says ‘Let’s Go’. It helps the other circle element to fit in with all the other square elements and it helps tell my travel adventure story.

I’ve also added in some of the tiny word stickers from the ‘Accessory Stickers Sheet’, (this collection really has a lot of Adventure and Travel themed elements) as well as the tab that says ‘noteworthy’ down the right-hand side of my photo. My title ‘Adventure’ is from the ‘Die Cut Titles’ pack, these are a ‘must grab’… so versatile and you get so many in the pack!

Thanks for popping by today to see my latest project, I hope it inspires you to grab this collection and get making! As always, be sure to pop into the Cocoa Vanilla Studio and CUT to YOU Facebook groups to share your pages, I love seeing what you make.

Until next time,