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“Miss Five” for Colour Blast

Hi Creative Friends,

Gwen here with you on the blog today with my latest layout.  This one features my little Miss and a photo taken on her 5th birthday.  She was such a princess at this age and I will admit, I love love loved it!  Think princesses, unicorns, fairies and all things magical – that certainly was her at this age.  I have scrapped many photos already from this birthday party, so for this one, I really just wanted to document her age and for it to have that sweet soft princess vibe about it.


This page started with the idea to use a cut file word that was repeated over and over on my background.  I have done similar things in the past and always loved how they worked out.  (You don’t have to re-invent the wheel for every layout you know.) I wanted the words to stand out from the white background so I added some Colour Shimmer Spray in Envy to my background.  I used the packaging technique as well as adding splatters straight from the nozzle.

Next, I set about cutting out my words.  I went with “Love this moment” and cut it out 6 times.  I then sprayed the words with the Colour Shimmer Spray in Blush.  I made sure to spray un-evenly, I wanted a textured look that had the colour deeper in some areas than others.

Once dried, I then layered over my background and stitched down.  I just love how my die cut pieces sit on top of the background. It is the perfect base for my paper layers in my photo mat.  You can see here I did not stitch them down perfectly, the bits that sit up off the page add interest and I love the effect.

Next, it was time to add my photo and embellishing.  I started with a large photo mat paper cluster and added bits and pieces until I was happy.

I went with puffy stickers, wooden hearts, vellum butterflies and chipboard, all to add texture and interest.  I also wanted a lot of pretty embellishments on this one to fit with the Princess theme.

Here you can see a close up of the Envy in the background and the Blush on the die cut pieces.

More close-ups of the die cuts in my background, and those pretty wooden buttons hand stitched on.

and one more close up for good measure, this one of one of the divine handmade embellishments by Charm Creations.

I give this project a “mess level” of Low.  Very little mess and a really clean look.  I did consider adding some splatters in at the end and then decided against it as there was a lot going on embellishment wise – yes, I chickened out!

Thanks for popping by today, I hope this page inspires you to pull out your Colour Shimmer Sprays and die cut machine and give this kind of background a go.  If you don’t have a Silhouette or similar, you could also do this with a Sizzix or Cuttlebug machine and why not give other elements a try such as flowers, or border pieces.  I love this technique and I think you will too 🙂

Until next time,






Colour Blast, Inspiration

“Christmas Cards” for Colour Blast

Hi Creative Friends,

Back on the blog today for Colour Blast and with Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d do some last minute Christmas card creating! I have not made many cards this year so this was a heap of fun 🙂


For this project, I started with my background.  I wanted a subtle look with all the shimmer so went with the Colour Shimmer Spray in Bling which I sprayed through a stencil.  It is a little difficult to see in the photo below but it is soft and sparkly and super pretty!

While I was waiting for that to dry, I cut some leaves with my Silhouette and embossed them using the Colour Embossing Powder, also in Bling.  This is a messy embossing powder so not the best for stamped images if you want a very clean look, however, it does an amazing job of chipboard and die-cut pieces like these, the shine is so so pretty and the coverage is excellent.  It is also very easy to get back into the generously sized jar which is a plus for you clean scrappers out there!

It was time to work on the second layer of my background.  Using a circle stencil, I added a layer of Colour Paste in Snow White.  I love this paste so much! It is super sparkly and adds a lovely texture to the background.  As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, you don’t need a lot of this to go a long way, it spreads really nicely, like soft butter!

Next up, a couple of close-ups of the details, first, the 2 leaves die cuts, one in plain white, the other all embossed and looking pretty. I have applied only one layer, as I mentioned previously it has really great coverage!

and a close up of my finished background with the layer of Bling Shimmer spray followed by the layer of Snow White Colour Paste.  This photo really shows you the beautiful texture the paste gives you.

Once my background was complete, I added a few embellishments and the cards were complete.  I will add here that I have gone for a really subtle look with my cards, however, this technique would work so well with any colour combo, something darker such as Deep Water with the Snow White over the top would make the paste stand out more, and the shimmer of the Bling is stunning over a black cardstock.  So have a go at different combos, I’d love to see what you come up with.

I kept these pretty simple so that they could be posted and so as not to distract from my pretty background.  There you have it, three simple and sparkly Christmas cards ready just in time for Christmas.

I give this project a “mess level” of Medium/High.  It’s high simply because of the Colour paste and Embossing Powder.  However, the paste does not stain your stencils and the embossing powder is super easy to pour back into the generous container so that brings it back to a medium rating from me!  Totally worth the mess!

Thanks for popping by today, and as this is my last post of the year, I’d love to wish you all a Happy Festive Season!

Until next time,


Colour Blast, Inspiration

“You Make my Heart Smile” for Colour Blast

Hi Creative friends,

I’m back on the blog today with my latest layout.  This one features my hubby and daughter on a recent trip to Sea World.  It’s really just a happy snap so for this page, I really just wanted to document their sweet relationship in a fun and cute way.

As usual, I started my page by choosing the colours I wanted to use with my photo.  I’ve gone with Blush, Lipstick and Punch.  Again, I’ve used the Colour blast Shimmer Cubes because I just love how clean they are to work with, no mess, no fuss, just pretty shimmery colour!!  I began by creating splatters down the centre right side of my page.

I knew I wanted to add a highlight colour but at this stage, I wasn’t sure which to choose, so I swatched a few on a scrap piece of white cardstock.  From this swatch, I was able to hold this against the background I had already created and my photo and compare how they would all look.

I ended up going with Rose Petal and have also added in Lovely Lilac.  The idea was to pull colours that would go with my hubby’s shirt.  My style is not very masculine, so when scrapping pages of him, I do tend to go with colours he is wearing to help pull the page together.  (A little reminder here too, please don’t pop your lids on the Colour Shimmer Cubes, these beauties like fresh air, so throw those lids away once they are safely in their forever home, you won’t ever need to pop a lid on them.)

I simply added the two new colours in splatters in the same way until I was happy with the coverage.  I have mentioned previously but I will add it again, if you are after a clean look, you have to wait until all the splatters are dry before adding the next layer.  If you don’t, the colours will blend into each other.  It took a while to build up so many splatters but I love how it turned out.  Next, I really wanted to give the Colour Blast Colour Paste a go, and NOPE, I have not worked with it yet! When trying new things, I always find it best to work with a colour you know you love, so I went with Blush.  This way, I knew if I didn’t like it, it would be the product and not because I wasn’t sure about the colour.  I have to admit, Blush really is my favourite, but Bling comes a very close second!

Yes, as you can see by the photo evidence above, I did get a little messy!  It wasn’t that bad, I just used my palette knife to scrape the Colour Paste across the stencil – a little goes a long way.  I wanted to overlap some of the splatters with the focus down the left side of the page.  The paste washes up really well so your stencil stays nice and clean.

I will add here, that I find stencils like this one that has a very clean pattern that is orderly really helps keep your design clean, even though you are using mixed media.  So be on the lookout for geometric stencils that are uniform in the pattern if you prefer this style.  

Now that the background was complete, it was time to add my photos and other embellishments.  I worked with the photo first adding photo mats and then these cute die cut feathers.  

For the chipboard, I didn’t really want to colour it but had to cover the grey/brown colour so I went straight to the Gesso.  I love this because it is heavy gesso, so nice and thick and the coverage is so good, this was just one thick coat.  I love how I can add the texture of the chipboard but it also blends into my background for a soft look. 

Once the photo and feather elements were in place, I had a dig through my stash of things that would suit the colours on my page. When I found this cute speech bubble, I knew it was the perfect addition and would end up being the “title” of my page.  I also found sweet butterflies to cut out and add, that were the perfect blend of the purple and navy I had going on.

Here you can see the pretty paint splatters showing through all of the embellishment clusters. I really love the softness they add to the page, it’s like they ground the embellishments and give them a guide to how they will flow up and down the page design.

Lucky last, another close up of the splatters on the right and the sweethearts from the Colour Paste on the left.  I am really happy with how these two products have come together on the page.  The Colour Paste has this wonderful dimension to it and a translucency when dry that is really cool.  

I give this project a “mess level” of High, but worth it.

Sure, the cubes are super clean but I did break out a stencil and palette knife and you do have to keep an eye on that paste!  A little does go a long way so don’t go in guns blazing 🙂

Thanks for popping by today, I hope this page inspires you to get yourself some Colour Paste, clean scrapper or not, you need this in your stash.



Colour Blast, Inspiration

"Believe in You" for Colour Blast

Hi Creative Friends,

By now you will all know I have quite the love affair with pink and mint so when I saw this pattern paper collection with the addition of Yellow, I knew it was time to pull out my Sunshine Colour Blast!  Oh… such a happy colour to document these sweet selfies of me and my little Miss.

As I mentioned above, this page was all about the colours.  I really do love this combo of Colour Shimmer Cubes in Sunshine, Punch, Lipstick and Envy and they were the perfect match to the pattern papers I had in mind.  Aren’t they pretty!!
For this page, I really wanted to work with some florals with the idea to have a large one as a centre feature on my page.  I wasn’t completely sure where this idea would take me, so went about die cutting a stack of florals and leaves in different sizes all on white cardstock.  Next, it was time to colour them.  I began with the packaging technique to get coverage as a first layer, and then went about adding more colour with splatters, tone on tone, and a paintbrush.  I’ve added these while the base colour was still wet.  I did not want the splatters to sit on top of the background but bleed and blend in instead, this way, you get a pretty watercolour effect.
I used Envy for the leaves and simply painted that on with a paintbrush.  For the florals, I’ve used a combination of Lipstick and Punch.  I was careful to make the colour uneven, I wanted a water-colour look, not perfect coverage.  I’ve also darkened sections of the floral for interest, by adding extra colour with a paintbrush.


Next, it was time to work on my background.  Once I had sorted out a basic plan for the design of the page, I knew where my large floral piece would be placed.  From there, I went about very lightly drawing around it with a pencil.  Next, I took my paintbrush and loosely painted over my pencil marks, working along the outer edge.  Again, I wasn’t after a perfect shape just a soft whimsy outline.  It certainly does not have to be perfect and in fact, I think it looks better when it’s not!


Now was the time for adding splatters.  Lots of them, one colour at a time allowing each to dry in between to avoid them blending into each other.  I just kept on splattering with my paintbrush until I was happy with the coverage.
Below you can see how all the colours look together.  I just love the pop of the yellow in the Sunshine.



Now all of the mixed media elements were ready, it was time to assemble my page.  First, I locked in the position of my paper layers, my photos and the large flower.  I placed it so that you could see the edge of the drawn flower on my background poking through, it’s subtle, but I love it.
I then went about adding the other floral and leaf pieces to create clusters.  I was sure not to stick the entire piece down, I love how the edges are a little curled up from the mixed media.  It adds such a pretty element to your page.
Here you can see the pretty splatters sticking out from the edges of all my layers.  They really do soften everything so nicely.



I give this project a “mess level” of Low
A paintbrush and some packaging and you are good to go!  The pots of Shimmer keep all your colour contained and adding your mixed media to die cut pieces makes for a clean feel to your design.
Thanks for popping by today, I hope this page inspires you to paint yourself some pretty die cut florals, I really had fun doing this!



Colour Blast, Inspiration

"So Sweet" for Colour Blast

Hi Creative Friends,

Quite often, I have a plan for a layout before I even begin.  This really helps keep me focussed and get things stuck down more quickly…. because well, I have a tendency to do the embellishment dance and nothing actually gets glued into place.  Sometimes it’s colours that I start with, sometimes an idea from my picture and sometimes it’s based on a product.

The idea for this page came from a pattern paper I had seen online by Crate paper and wasn’t able to find locally.  I love the circle elements in neat rows and the pastel colours.  I had given up on being able to source it, so I went about recreating it.

Firstly I wanted to lock in the colours for my page.  I tried to loosely match the colours in the paper and also matching some of the other products I thought I might use in the page.  I’ve gone with the combo of Colour Shimmer Sprays in Lipstick, Envy, Sunshine and Singin The Blues.


I didn’t end up using the banners on the final page, but they definitely helped with narrowing down my colour choice.  (Seems I have too many pretty Colour Blast colours to choose from!) Now that colours were locked in, I went about spraying sections of some white cardstock paper scraps.  I didn’t bother adding Gesso as I knew it would just be a fine mist I would be applying.  I tried to make the sprays uneven for interest.  I also add a few splatters using the nozzle of the sprayer while the colour was still wet.  Doing it this way softens the splatters are they tend to blend into the background rather than sitting on top like they do when applied over dry spray.


Once my paper scraps were completely dry, I then went about punching out 2-inch circles in each of the colours.


Next, it was time to add them to my page.  Using the paper as a bit of a guide, I lined them up across the top of the page.  I used only a small amount of adhesive so that I could re-position if necessary.  Once I was happy with their placement I continued down the page.  Then, once I had placed all of my circles, I added a stack of machine stitching for added detail.  I made sure not to stick everything down too much, I really love how the circles slightly lift off the page around the edges.


With the background finished, it was now time to add my photo mat and embellishments.  I decided to try and stash bust a little on this one so I’ve used a lot of my Crate Paper stash mixing and matching their collections.


Here you can see a close up of the Envy sprayed circles and you can see the detail in them of the splatters.   Below you can see the Lipstick circles.



and below you can see the colour of the Envy compared to the colour of the Singin The Blues.  They really were the perfect match to the mint and blue tag I used which you can see on the left there.


I give this project a “mess level” of Low
 No mess, easy process and something we can all try.  New to mixed media?  This is a great technique to start you off.  More experienced?  Why not try re-creating a more challenging pattern paper.
Thanks for popping by today, I hope this page inspires you to create your own pattern paper rather than buy one!