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Hi Creative Friends,

Here today to share my latest Cocoa Vanilla Studios project and it’s another using the latest collection “Boys Rule” AND my very first using my new CUT to YOU cut files, which I have to say I’m pretty excited about!  I thought for this project I’d scrap a page about my darling hubby.  He is a pro-photographer and rarely in front of the camera so we had to do a little photo shoot just for him, and this shot is one of my favourites.

The inspiration for this page definitely started with the photo and I also knew I wanted to use one of my new CUT to YOU cut files. Whilst I had a stack of floral designs on my desk, this page called for something bolder and more gender neutral and I just love how it worked out.  The idea I had was to use up some of the scraps of paper I had in the collection (as this one is my third layout now) to create a block style background for my photo to layer onto.  Step one was to decide on colours and start backing the cut file.

Remeber that old saying “Blue and Green should never be seen”? Pretty sure they look fab together here!  I went with the green in the ‘Straight & Narrow’ paper and both sides of the ‘Expressionist’ paper, pulling the dark blue, light blue and green out.  Once backed, I set them all out onto my background to get an idea of the layout I wanted for my page and once happy noted their position.  Next, it was time for some mixed media, not too much, just a little to break up the white background and the white parts of the cut files.

I’ve used Colour Blast Shimmer sprays in ‘Apple of my Eye’ and ‘Singin the Blues’ and yes it’s subtle but that’s how I like it.  Once dry I added my backed squares back on top.  At this point the bones of my page were set, it was now time to mat my photo.  I’ve used a pop of the green from the ‘Straight & Narrow’ paper as well as the dark blue from the ‘Expressionist’ paper to do this.

Next, I went to the ‘Clear Sticker sheet’ and pulled off the painted elements, I love how you can add these to your page for a mixed media look without the mess, just position and go!  I’ve layered them on top of each other and they work together really well.  Next, I went through the Die Cut Ephemera pack and found the sentiments ‘You’re the best” and “Awesome” to use as my title and positioned under my photo.   I also found the die cut stars and the funky arrow.  I’ve just run these elements top to bottom of my page some to the top left of the photo and others to bottom right for balance.  I’ve also mounted some on foam tape for added interest.

I’ve also added in some of the text elements from the ‘Accessory Sticker sheet’ that work with my title including ‘mister fantastic’, ‘seriously’ and ‘the best’.

To finish off the page I’ve added in the criss-cross elements from the ‘Clear Sticker sheet’, with the clear backgrounds, it looks like they have been painted on and work really well with the mixed media background showing through – I so love these!

I just love how this page came together, and it is so great to get a page of my Mister scrapped!  It has reminded me that I really do need to get him out from behind that camera and in front of it from time to time.

Also, if you like the look of the cut file, be sure to sign up to the CUT to YOU newsletter. I’ll be sending these ladies first opportunity to get their hands on them and special bonuses, including a free cut file!! If you aren’t on the list, you will miss out on the freebie file and special offers.  You don’t need a Silhouette to create with my cut file designs, so jump onto the website and sign up now!

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“Lovely” for Colour Blast

Hi Creative Friends,

Here today with my final share as part of the Colour Blast design team.  I have really loved pushing myself out of my comfort zone as part of the team and creating in my clean mixed media style, the time on the team has flown by! It seems this last project is quite fitting as I would say it is one of my “messiest” pages ever and I so love it!

For this project, I knew I wanted to use the Bohemian Dreams collection by Cocoa Vanilla with its lovely pink and purple tones.  I’ve pulled out colours that coordinate; I’ve gone with Colour Shimmer Sprays in Punch, Lovely Lilac and Rose Petal.  I’ve also used Colour Shimmer Cubes in Rose Petal, Royalty, and Punch.  These are not available online however many stockists carry these and they are in fact my favourite Colour Blast product so well worth trying to track down if you don’t already have some.

I began the design of my page by drawing 2 lines down the centre of my page with a pencil, these were to mark where the rectangles would go that make up the design for the page.  I then applied the Colour Shimmer Spray into the spaces alternating pink and purple tones using the packaging technique.

Once that had dried, I went about splattering on the colour from the Shimmer Cubes.  As this colour is more saturated, the splatters really stand out over the top of the mist. I love the tone on tone effect it has created.  I did mix some of the pinks and purples, however, tried to keep the rectangles either mostly pink or mostly purple.  I did also try and keep the colours contained, that is, leaving white space around the full edge of my page and also between the blocks of colour.

I did have a bit of a plan for this page, so I knew my title was going to be a chipboard piece from Cocoa Vanilla.  These come as plain white chipboard that you can colour any way you like.  I took the Royalty Colour Shimmer Cube and painted it in a watercolour style.  I wanted some areas to be darker than others and I also purposely left some areas around the edges white.

I then went about building my page.  Essentially, it is 4 rectangles of paper layers mixed together and stacked onto each other.  I kept with my colour theme, ensuring that the spaces stayed either mostly purple or mostly pink.  One rectangle was for my photo and another was for my journaling.  For the third rectangle, I wanted to use a die cut card, I just loved its message and felt it was the perfect fit for my photo.

Everyone knows I’m a perfectionist and normally there is no way I would put a photo like this out there, one with crazy hair and tired eyes, however, I’m learning of late to be more gentle with myself, and not so critical of myself or my abilities.  I’m learning that not everything needs to be perfect, my best is enough and part of this crazy journey is the “imperfect”.

Once my three rectangle elements were all in place, I was left with the one on the top right-hand side of the page.  I felt at this stage like the page needed a little ‘white space’ so I kept this rectangle very simple.  A Charms Creations heart right in the centre and a Rubber tab for the top.

The bones of the page are well and truly done now.  I’ve just added a few more little embellishments to finish off each of the rectangles.  I also then went about hand stitching the verticle and horizontal lines with some thread in a dark purple tone to make them stand out.

I give this project a “mess level” of high.  It is a messier style background for me and there is a lot of it!  It was however super easy to create and not a lot to clean up and I think the colour blocking of the design and space around the outside of the page helps it to still fit into my clean mixed media style.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Tenisha for the opportunity to be on the team and letting me share my work with you all.  While my time on the team is over, this won’t be the last clean mixed media page you see for me as I so love creating these!

Thanks for popping by today,

Until next time,




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“Happy Heart” for Colour Blast

Hi Creative Friends,

There are lots of things that inspire me to create, sometimes it’s product, scrap that, mostly it’s product, and sometimes it’s colours or a sketch that I love.  It’s not all that often that it’s my actual photo!  (Weird for a Scrapbooker I know) But this page was all about the photo, I love it so much and really wanted to document the sweet and fun relationship I have with my hubby.  I didn’t have a plan for colours or products, I just wanted the page to be sweet and fun.

So when in doubt as to what colour I want to use, and I’m working with a Black and White photo, of course, I’m going to choose pink.  It’s a go to, I know I’ll love it.  I’ve chosen Blush, Punch and Lipstick for this page all in the Colour Shimmer sprays.

I’ve applied these to my background using the packaging technique allowing to dry fully in between layers.  I’ve then splattered with my favourite paint brush using both the sprays and the Colour Shimmer Cubes.  Once I was happy with the pink tones, it was time to pull out the Bling my favourite of all the Colour Shimmer Sprays.

I’ve added a layer of splatters all across my page both with the spray as well as with the cube, I find the colour in the cubes is bolder than that of the mists.  They both added the perfect shade of sparkly gold to my background.

While I had the Bling out, I added some to this doily I knew I wanted to use.  With the New Year, I’ve been on a bit of a kick of using up some of the older things in my stash, I’ve been saving (err, hoarding) this one for the perfect project and today is it’s day to shine!

Next, I went about adding some Punch Colour Shimmer Spray to these paper flowers, they started out a light shade of yellow and ended up a sparkly shade of pink with the soft yellow showing through.  This helped them tie in with my background and the misted doily I had prepared.

Now I had all of my elements ready it was time to build up my layers.  I started with a cut file, then added the misted doily and lots of other pretty elements.

I rounded out the page with the pretty misted paper flowers.  They sat so perfectly on that splattered background.

Here you can see a close up of the doily, (notice I didn’t cover it completely) I love that you can see part of the white and part of the sparkly Bling colour and the pink background, I really do love how this turned out!

I give this project a “mess level” of Medium.  It is a messier style background and there was a bit of clean up with misting the flowers and doily, worth it though, those elements now coordinate perfectly with my project.

Thanks for popping by today, I hope this page inspires you to scrap a sweet page of your hubby or partner, it is the month of love after all and as always, be sure to share your creations, I really love seeing what you all make.

Until next time,




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“My Cute Girl” for Colour Blast

Hi Creative Friends,

Super excited that it is my turn on the Colour Blast blog today to share this months Challenge!  I love how the girls have put together a challenge each month to help us get inspired, use our Colour Blast products and maybe even win some more!  It is my turn to kick off the month by sharing my take! Can you guess what the challenge is?

If you guessed, “be inspired by a Rainbow”… you were right!


To start my page, I began by choosing a Rainbow of Colour Shimmer Sprays to work with.  I went with Lipstick (Red), Sunshine (Yellow), Blush (Pink), Envy (Green), Lovely Lilac (Purple), Sienna (Orange) and Singin the Blues (Blue) – Don’t they look pretty all lined up like that!

I then used the packaging technique to lay down each colour along the left-hand edge of my page.  I worked my way through the rainbow making sure each colour was dry before applying the next.

I then began working through my stash to find coordinating papers to match my sprays.  I started with my scraps which I punched with an edge punch to create lots of paper strips.  Again, working with all of the colours of the rainbow, I laid them down on my page, this time towards the right-hand side.  The spray and these paper scraps acted as the background for my page.

Above you can see a close up of the pretty colours in the sprays.  I love how applying them using this technique gives you a watercolour type look.  Once I was happy with the placement of the paper strips, I stitched them all down.  Next, I matt my photo with a colourful pattern paper and positioned that.

Now it was time to go through my alphabet stash.  I pulled out a heap of letters in coordinating colours to match my rainbow.  Some are chipboard word pieces such as the word “my” and “cute” and others are from alphabet sticker packs such as “sweet”.  I simply looked for words and letters that would match the colour of the sprays I had used.

Now that I had my photo and words all locked in, it was time to add my embellishments.  Again, I’ve stuck with the ‘Colour on Colour’ look searching for bits and pieces to match the Colour Shimmer sprays.

Where I didn’t have a pre-made embellishment to match, I made my own, such as the paper bow above created with a die cut through my Sizzix machine.

To finish the page, I went through my Enamel Dot collection and found some in each of the colours to add.  I know there are a lot of elements on this page, but I think I get away with it because they have been placed tone on tone and I just love how it turned out.

I give this project a “mess level” of Low.  Very little mess, super easy technique that I would recommend for a beginner.

Thanks for popping by today, the challenge runs all month, so I hope this page inspires you to pull out your Colour Shimmer Sprays and create your very own Rainbow!  As always, be sure to share your creations, I really love seeing what you all make and you could win yourself some free product – who doesn’t love that!

Until next time,




Colour Blast, Inspiration

“Follow Your Rainbow” for Colour Blast

Hi Creative friends,

Super excited about today’s share, it is one of my new favourite layouts and it came together so quickly!

The idea for the page began with this cute little embellishment (below) from the Pink Fresh Studio “Dream On” collection – I’ve now done 2 pages with this line and love it!  I decided I wanted to create my own larger rainbow to match the one in the embellishment.  I went to the Silhouette store and found a simple but cute one.  I went with Punch and Sunshine Colour Shimmer Sprays to colour it with, they were the perfect match.  I simply sprayed it onto the pieces as they sat on top of a paper towel and let them dry.  I was also really happy with how flat they ended up, after some initial curling, they flattened out really well.

I then found some other elements I knew I wanted to use and went about matching a Colour Shimmer Cube to the these.  I decided on Envy, I do love love love this one.  To create my background, I have used both the Colour Shimmer Spray and the Colour Shimmer Cube beginning with the packaging technique with the spray followed by splatters using the cube.  It’s a go-to technique for me, I just love the end result, soft and delicate and as someone once told me, even the splatters are neat (which as a clean mixed media gal, I love) – I’ll tell you my trick for creating this look below.

You might be able to sneak a peak of the pencil lines on the page above.  I always have a plan for the design of my page BEFORE I start misting, and these mark where my photo is going to go.

I find having a guide, and limit on where my mixed media is to go keeps the design tight and helps keep everything “neat” looking.  If I know exactly where the boundaries of my photo and embellishments are going, its easy to see where the mixed media needs to be.

So, I now have my background done and the main feature (my rainbow) done.  Next, I wanted to pull out some phrases.  I had a few chosen from the embellishments in the pack, but also found these “Dear Lizzy” Watercolour words in the bottom of my stash.  Rather than watercolour them though, I thought it might be nice to use the Blush Colour Embossing Powder.  Don’t they look pretty!!

Ok, so now I had all my elements ready to go, it was time to create the page.  Working from the top down and bottom up, I created a single wide row of elements down the centre of my page.

I’ve mixed and match a stack of embellishments and just love how it all turned out.  This collection was so fun to work with and matched my Colour Blast so well!

Above you can see the pretty Envy splatters and below a close up of the Colour Embossing Powder.

I give this project a “mess level” of Low.  Very little mess and a really clean look.  I love how adding the Colour Blast to die cuts keeps it all neat and clean BUT I don’t miss out on all that beautiful shimmer.

Thanks for popping by today, I hope this page inspires you to pull out your Colour Shimmer Sprays and die cut machine and mist away!  As always, be sure to share your creations, I really love seeing what you all make.

Until next time,