How to Fussy Cut Pattern Paper For Beginners – Tips and Tricks To Get AMAZING Results Every Time!

Fussy cut your pattern papers and take your paper craft projects to a whole new level. Today I’m sharing how to fussy cut pattern paper from the best scissors to use to tips and tricks for getting great results in no time at all.

What is Fussy cutting?

Fussy Cutting is the process of cutting a design out of paper, rather than cutting the paper into a design.  Fussy cutting is typically used in scrapbooking, card making, and other paper crafts. It is a great technique for beginners because it is easy to master with practice and produces great results. Fussy cutting is a wonderful way to add to the versatility and creativity to your paper crafting. It can also save you money by helping you get the most out of your scrapbook pattern papers.  You can also fussy cut out stamped images to create your own embellishments and layered details for cards.

What are the best scissors?

My favourite scissors are these from EK Success.  They have a lovely thin blade and the tip is very fine and sharp allowing you to get into the smallest areas of a design.  They are perfect for fussy cutting projects as well as backing cut file designs.  

Keep your scissors sharp by using a blade sharpener just like this Fiskars one.  The quality of the cut is determined by how sharp your blades are so it’s important to keep them nice and sharp.  Keep your scissors for crafting separate to those you use for household purposes, you’ll want to take care that these scissors are only used for paper crafting.  Those with a soft rubber grip are best for comfort especially if you are going to cut out images in bulk which I would recommend.

My favourite glue is Nuvo Deluxe adhesive.

Tips and Tricks.

Using the centre part of the scissor blade, start by making a broad cut around the shape or section you want to fussy cut out.  It is much easier to work in sections than try to cut the design straight out of the large 12 x 12 sheet.  Cut a general section out leaving a wide white border at first, then you can go back and work slowly and methodically to cut out the design.  

When choosing your sections to fussy cut, keep them as large as possible, you can always trim parts off as you are creating your project, but you can’t add them back on so I find it better to keep the fussy cut design as full and large as possible to give me options later on.  A perfect size is around 5 inches square.  Trying to manipulate a large piece of paper is difficult so you are best to work with this size section wherever you can.  If you find it tricky to do as a beginner, try leaving a small white border around the edge of the design rather than cutting the design out exactly or super close to the outer line.  Be sure to move the paper and not the scissors.  By moving the paper you’ll achieve a much smoother line and more professional looking result.

As you practice, over time you can reduce the size of the white border around the design.  It does require patience and precision.  If you have any medical issues with your hands, stick to a thin white border for best results.

The best pattern paper.

The paper and design you chose is important. You’ll want to start with designs and shapes that are simple or basic at first and then as your skills improve you can try some more intricate designs.  It is best to use a paper that is medium weight.  Thin or lightweight papers can be difficult to cut; so too can thicker cardstock style papers.  A good quality medium weight paper is the easiest to start with.  My favourite manufacturer for this is Cocoa Vanilla Studio, however most American Crafts brand pattern papers are also excellent.  The paper should also be clean and free of any excess glitters, mediums or glue.  Be sure to only use the middle part of your scissor blade.  Cutting right to the end of the scissors may create a small tear in your paper.  Ensure that you have great lighting so you can easily see where to cut and work slowly.  As your skills improve, you will get faster.

I like to do my fussy cutting in batches ahead of time for use in my paper craft projects.  It is so nice to have a selection of designs fussy cut out ready to add to my pages and projects.  I find the process very therapeutic!  Turn on your favourite TV show and fussy cut the night away.  You can fussy cut out floral patterns, butterflies, geometric shapes, banner pieces or titles, the options really are endless.

I’ve created a fun YouTube tutorial, made for beginners where you’ll learn how to fussy cut pattern paper and get amazing results every time as I share my best tips and tricks.  I show you in real time how I fussy cut out floral designs and butterflies.  You can watch it here.

It’s your turn to give it a try.

Now that you know how to cut out shapes and designs from pattern paper, you can create some amazing projects. You can use these items as decorations for your home, on scrapbook layouts and cards and personalised gifts.  You’ll save yourself money and get the most out of your pattern papers.  You also now have the skills you need to work confidently with cut files, backing them in pattern papers.  If you’d like even more details on how I do that, be sure to watch this video here.

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