October classes at Kaisercraft Robina

Hi Everyone,

Another busy week… my little one is sick at the moment with a chest infection, poor thing. They are hard work when they are ill, but she’s worth it. More antibiotics and she’ll be good as new.

Well it’s the start of a new month and that means a new selection of classes on at Kaisercraft Robina… starting with tomorrow, there are still spots available for “Summer Fun” double layout – Class starts at 1pm.

I’m also doing a beyond the page coffee table book that features all members of the family – Sat 9th October and on 23rd October why not join me for a double layout that will show off the superstar in your life. Classic pink white and black combo, you can’t go wrong!

I’ve added a couple of snap shots…

While the hubby’s away…

I’ll scrap all day! Well, that was the plan, but it hasn’t quite turned out like that!! My dh is away on Fraser Island camping to his hearts content while I’m staying “sand fly free” here at home with our 3 year old. For those of you who don’t know me that well, I don’t do camping. Truth is, I’m allergic to it… I’d like to go.. really I would… he he… but I just can’t!!

I have done a stack of shopping including a very exciting trip to IKEA (love love love that place) and visiting and coffee but not a lot of scrapping as yet. I do have a stack of projects to finish off for my “bosses” at Kaisercraft Robina which I am getting stuck into. They are all X-mas things which must mean it’s not too far away. Some of you will freak out at that, not me, it’s my fav time of the year…I did also get a chance to do this layout of my lil princess who recently had her ears pierced… sooo grown up.

X-mas in July

I smile every time I look over my latest layout…Not sure if you can really see but my lil Caitlin decided to make herself a beard of bubble bath bubbles so she could look just like Santa. Shots were taken in July (pure coincidence)and that’s how we got X-mas in July!! It’s been super fun over the past week to do some “free” scrappin. I’ve been super busy organising all my classes for September and October at Kaiser and had them done well and truly on time so I’m a free agent for the next few weeks.. BTW there are some ripper classes too, even if I say so myself!! You can call Kaiser at Robina to book (Gotta get my plug in!!)